Push Press
5×5 @ME (trova il max del giorno dei 5×5)
3′ AMRAP @50% (50% del max dei 5×5 del giorno)

Cash Out:
3×20 Back Extension



–One&Only Team competitor–

Strength: Pause rack jerk + rack jerk: 10 rounds, every 2 minutes, perform:

-1x Pause rack jerk + 1x rack jerk, superset with 1x rope climb, legless.

*These can be taken from behind the neck and for the first jerk, pause for 3 second in your receiving position. Hit the rope climb immediately and with some power after the second jerk.

Work Capacity: “Fran”. Complete 21-15-9 reps for time of:

-Thruster (95#/65#)

-Pull ups

Durability: 5 rounds:

-3x pause good morning (Pause at bottom of the rep for 1 full second)

-rest 60 seconds

-10x eccentric GHD sit ups (From the top of the rep, take 5 seconds to hit your bottom position and once your hands hit the floor, explode up as fast as possible.)

-rest 60 seconds.


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