Skill: Squat Snatch

Work capacity

Amrap 12′

7 squat snatch 40/25

7 pull up

7 burpees over the bar

Score: round e rep


–One&Only team competitor–

Strength: 6 rounds (18 minutes) – EMOM, perform:

-Minute 1: 5x sumo deadlift (Increase the weight each round, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be a 5 RM, as it is a lot of reps and I don’t want form to deteriorate.  However all 5 sets should be relatively challenging.)

-Minute 2: 20 m – 40 m – 20 m Shuttle (Sprint 20 m , change directions and sprint back 40 m, change directions and sprint back 20 m to the original starting point.)

-Minute 3: Rest

Work Capacity: Complete the following for time:

-30x calories on Assault bike

-20x strict handstand push up

-10x squat snatch (185#/125#)

-20x strict handstand push ups

-30x calories on Assault bike

*Yes I know the snatch weight is heavy, so only scale if needed. They are meant to be treated as singles not quick TnG reps. With that said, if you can bump the weight up, then feel free to do so.

Core: For max reps:

-Tabata sledgehammer strikes

-rest 2 minutes

-Tabata super mans

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