Wod 8/6/16

Squat pistol

2-Work capacity:

8 pistol

10 deadlift 60/50

200m Run

Score: round e rep.

Mobilità e stretching

–One&Only team competitor–

Strength: Deadlift – Warm up then, 70% x 3 reps, 80% x 3 reps, 90% x 3+ reps.

*Super set all sets with 1 round of tabata double unders (20 seconds max effort, 10 seconds rest). Start the supersets at 2 set out from 70%.

*If you have a legitimate and recent 1 rep max deadlift, take the percentages off of 90% of your 1 RM.

Work Capacity: EMOM “Ms. Sage”: 5 rounds (20 minutes) – EMOM, perform:

-Min 1 = 10x power snatch (115#/75#)

-Min 2 = 15x pull ups

-Min 3 = 20x DB thrusters (35#/25#)

-Min 4 = Rest

*Sage’s birthday was the 17th, so to celebrate, we will do a modification of her workout, “Ms. Sage”. Now married, with 2 kids, she is moving a little slow.  So, in order to make sure she can participate in her own workout, we now introduce the “Mrs. Sage x 2”. If you fall out from the EMOM style, turn it into a 20 minute AMRAP.

Conditioning (Optional): For time:

-Run 1.5 miles

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