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Wod 02/05/16


Back squat “Bring Sally up, Bring Sally down”

– Met-con

Amrap 18′

200m run

5 deadlift 80/50

10 push ups

Score: Round e rep

—One & Only Team competitor—

Strength: Back squat: 10 rounds – Every 90 seconds, perform 2x pause back squat (Start at a moderate weight and work up to a max for the day. 3 second pause in bottom position)

Work Capacity: In 12 minutes, complete the following for max reps:

-Row 2,000m

-Max rep deadlift (225#/155#)

Core: 3 rounds, not timed:

-60 second Chinese weighted plank (AHAP)

-12x Reverse hypers (AHAP)